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Build your own Bike Workshop

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Build your own bike in a day workshop. A one to one experience then ride your new bike home! 

In this class you don’t just learn to love your bike, your learn how to build it, from the frame to the fork. This is a bike that will be unique to you and your requirements. From this workshop you will learn the mechanics of the bike and what could be a bigger boost to confidence than creating your own two-wheeler? This workshop is run by The London Bike Kitchen, whose motivation for this class is to show you the satisfaction that comes from constructing a fantastic bike from scratch. The perfect bike for riding round town. The coolest bit of all will be cycling off into a London sunset on the bike you actually made. This is the stuff of dreams.


This is a voucher for a day long workshop.  It's a one to one experience and includes lunch. 

You will need some knowledge in bike maintenance and the tools involved to be able to finish your bike in a day.

You'll be building a single speed Bobbin bike.  You'll be talking to the mechanic before the workshop to choose your bike parts.

Upgrade to a three speed, special edition Cambridge Bobbin bike for an extra £200.  Get in touch


The London Bike Kitchen in Hackney.


On a day suitable to you and the mechanic.


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